Bracknell Forest

WPC’s response to Bracknell Forest Council’s Draft Local Plan to 2034

WPCs feels it is unrealistic to expect all interested parties within the community to read, digest and review a 1200+ page document. A much shorter, concise paper, with references to appended detail, should have been made available.

Maps provided on the consultation portal are very difficult to navigate in order to not only see finer detail but to reference the key at the same time. WPC considers this fails to meet BFCs obligations to provide clear, concise and easily accessible documents for all residents and interested parties. The consulting process at best was inadequate particularly with regard to the number of meetings and the communication of informing residents of those meetings. WPC expressed concern very early on, prior to the start of the consultation period, that the original two events planned for Winkfield were not sufficient. A further event was hastily arranged at Martin’s Heron and The WarrenCommunity Centre but no additional events were arranged for the north of the Parish despite WPC offering Carnation Hall at various other times during the consultation period.

WPC was disappointed that BFC did not take advantage of consulting with local Resident Associations. In Winkfield we have a network of six active Resident Associations and BFC would benefit from seeking their views.

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