WPC carefully consider planning applications following validation by Bracknell Forest Council.

WPC submits a comment in response to every application which is taken into account by BFC when they are determining the outcome of planning applications. WPC does not make the final decision on any planning application.

Weekly Planning List - Decisions

Decisions on planning applications are made by Bracknell Forest and published weekly.  The documents listed below show the decisions made for applications in Winkfield week by week together with the comment submitted by WPC.

Week 21/2019

Week 20/2019

Week 19/2019

Week 18/2019

Week 17/2019

Week 16/2019

Week 15/2019

Week 14/2019

Week 13/2019

Week 12/2019

Week 11/2019

Week 10/2019

Week 9/2019

Week 8/2019

Week 7/2019

Week 6/2019

Week 5/2019

Week 4/2019

Week 3/2019

Week 2/2019

Week 1/2019



Week 51/2018

Week 50/2018

Week 49/2018

Week 48/2018

Week 47/2018

Week 46/2018

Week 45/2018

Week 44/2018

Week 43/2018

Week 42/2018

Week 41/2018

Week 40/2018

Week 39/2018

Week 38/2018 (no decisions)

Week 37/2018

Week 36/2018

Week 35/2018 (no decisions)

Week 34/2018

Week 33/2018

Week 32/2018

Week 31/2018

Week 30/2018

Planning Applications List

Weekly Planning List

To keep up-to-date with the latest planning applications in the Parish you can click on the following link to Bracknell Forest Planning.

The final list is posted on the noticeboard outside the Parish Office prior to the Planning and Highways Meeting.

Please use the following links to the list(s) of planning applications that will be considered at WPCs next Planning and Highways Meeting.