Installation of Lifesaving Defibrillator at King Edward Hall, North Ascot

A lifesaving defibrillator, funded by All Saints’ Church, Ascot is now installed at King Edward’s Hall, King Edward Road, North Ascot. The device which delivers an electric current to restart the heart when someone is in cardiac arrest is designed to be used by anyone with no medical training and has an in-built speaker giving simple step-by-step instructions to operate.  The Church has also funded a second defibrillator which is installed at All Saints’ Church Hall near the Heatherwood roundabout.

Training on their use has been provided for both church members and the Staff at Village End Nursery, with further training available online to church members.

Father Darrell said “We are delighted that we are able to provide two new defibrillators for the community.  We hope that they are never or only rarely needed.  We would appreciate the local community spreading the word of their locations so that the people of Ascot are aware of their locations in case the need arises.”

To access the defibrillators members of the public will need to call 999 for an access code.