Recreation Grounds

Winkfield Parish Council owns and maintains 9 recreation areas incorporating 7 children’s play areas.

The grounds staff, headed by Paul Craven, take great pride in maintaining these areas to a very high standard.

These areas provide five football pitches; three tennis courts; a cricket pitch and acres of open grassland for the enjoyment of local residents and visitors.

Our children’s play areas attract many children and again are always maintained to a high standard.

Dog friendly and Dog FREE zones.

For the comfort and convenience of everyone in the Parish, some of the sites managed by WPC welcome dogs while others are designated dog-free zones.

Please feel free to take your canine companions to Allsmoor, Ascot Jubilee, Carnation Hall and Tow’s Bourne – but for the safety of everyone please make sure that you pick up your dog’s litter and dispose of it properly.

Locks Ride, Asher, Fernbank Road play space, King George V and Blackmoor Close play space are all dog FREE zones.


Green Flag Awards

The Green Flag Award scheme recognises and rewards well managed parks and green spaces, setting the benchmark standard for the management of recreational outdoor spaces across the United Kingdom and around the world,  we currently have the Green Flag Awards at our Locks Ride Recreation Ground, Carnation Hall, King George V Recreation Ground and Allsmoor Field sites.

  • Allsmoor Field, Martin's Heron
    Martin's Heron
    Allsmoor Field
  • Ascot Jubilee Recreation Ground
    Ascot Jubilee Recreation Ground
  • Asher Recreation Ground
    Asher Recreation Ground
  • New Blackmoor Close Play Area
    Winkfield Row
    Blackmoor Close Play Space
  • Fernbank Road Play Area, Fernbank Road, Ascot
    Fernbank Road Play Area
  • King George V Recreation Ground
    Winkfield Row
    King George V Recreation Ground
  • Locks Ride Recreation Ground
    Winkfield Row
    Locks Ride Recreation Ground
  • Tows Bourne Pond
    Tow's Bourne Pond