About Winkfield Parish Council

Winkfield Parish Council was established in 1894. The Civic Parish of Winkfield lies in the east of Berkshire and although less than 30 miles from central London it still retains its unique character.

It is geographically one of the largest parishes in the Country covering 9609 acres, or 3888 hectares. It has a population of approximately 15,500 living in nine separate settlements: Cranbourne; Woodside; Maidens Green; Winkfield Row; Chavey Down; North Ascot; Martin’s Heron; The Warren and Forest Park.

The Parish Council owns and manages a number of sites across the parish, but none in the densely populated area south of the Waterloo to Reading railway line.

Winkfield Border Map

Winkfield Parish Council is a Local Government Authority serving all residents of Winkfield and is not to be confused with Winkfield Parochial Parish, having no official connection to the local churches.